Struggle w my rich married boyfriend?

I have been seeing my married boyfriend on and off for the past 3 years. First we started off as friends with benefits... I fell in love with him but I have never expressed that for a year... 1,5 years ago he's told me that he loves me and he wants us to be in relationship. I said yes. He's been there for me most of the time when I needed him both financially and emotionally. Then When I started asking for more than just mistress status he started getting distant. We would still see each other but less and less. He's never been giving me much attention as he's quite tied up with his immediate and extended families. We have disagreed on things numerous times but then we'd make up and end up in bed. Sex has been the main basis of our relationship. I know it's not right but we have such great chemistry it's almost impossible to leave him. I know it's all wrong and he'll never get divorced and leave his family for me. I tried dating other guys and have been very close to getting married once but the chemistry wasn't there... So I left that guy. I tried to break up with my married flame so many times but then it's either him begging me to take him back or me running back to him bcus i miss him like crazy and also kinda need money. Recently I have been in dire straights and he's ditched me mercilessly... Pretty much it total shit. My friends and family were there for me... even my exes... but not him. I left him, blocked and deleted his number. He's been a patronizing selfish twat more than anything else so I had to let it go... My pride was in tatters... After no news for a month he's gotten back from his business trip and tried to contact me. I spoke to him but in a very cold manner. I've made up my mind. Then my situation has worsened and I was forced to play 'Want me back? Take care of my financial troubles and provide for me'. ... TBC below ⬇️


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  • 1. He is responsible for his cheating behavior but you are a willing participant and that is simply wrong. You want him to leave his wife for you? If he does that, you will become the next wife that he cheats on.

    2. You always go back to him because you need money. That means that you are a whore.

    3. He dumped you and that left your pride in tatters? What pride?

    4. You called him a selfish twat? That is the pot calling the kettle black!

    5. Whatever you plant, that's what you harvest!

    • Here is the deal First of all I didn't ask for judgmental opinions, I repeat judgmental. And we are not here to call each other names, that's just not right and I can easily report you. Secondly, my question extends in part 2. As you can see there are no question marks in this part. Have a lovely day

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • It seems to me that you only go back to him whenever you need money and he indulges in I am pretty sure you already know what kind of women do that >.>. He doesn't seem that to give a shit about his wife, who is either clueless about what's going on behind her back or she knows about it but she has no clue what to do -especially if she has children- . It's a terrible situation, especially for the victim.


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  • Why do you want him to take care of your finances when he is already married and have a loving family?

    Only sex bonds you both.. and he doesn't want anymore.. so you must move on. There is really a selfish interest in getting his money now.. please don't be a jerk now. you have already been a jerk for. like three years.. please brace yourself.. avoid being given the tag of a whore a slut or something like that.. have some self respect now!

    • Read part 2 please. Secondly, I'm not portraying myself as a victim here. And finally I was not asking for moral guidance although I appreciate your opinion on the matter.

    • well ideas that part too.. but I would still feel you need to pull up your socks rather than asking him any favours.. you are a 21st century girl.. no need to be dependent on just an ass!!

      You are capable of taking your good care.. i hope i am correct on this..

    • Thank you I appreciate your opinion xx

  • You can't expect much from a married man. He was never your boyfriend you were his mistress. You seem upset he didn't let you break it off and now you want money he mad.

    • I'm not mad, please read part 2. I have asked a practical question that's all.

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    • Yeah not that unreasonable

    • Yup.

  • lol, come on that is what you get when you date married men.

    • That's not the question. The question is in part 2.

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