I've never approached or asked a girl out, is this why I'm single?

I'm 28 and I've never dated. I have never approached or asked a girl out. Is this why I'm single?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • yes most likely because girls won't approach you. especially if other guys are hitting them up. you need to show initiative to get a girl!

    • But I've never seen any "signs" from a girl. I mean if a girl is blatantly smiling at me or making eye contact, I'd be approaching...

Most Helpful Guy

  • We don't know if you'd be lucky in your attempts if you had approached or asked girls out, but I'm quite sure that since you never did it you can blame inaction for a great percentage of your single status. The more you try, the more chances you have of getting a girlfriend, it's simple.


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  • yes , yes it is and its why im 44 and single still dont ask why i just am lol but whatever i enjoy other things in life since girls are not into me lol. i dont let it bother me since in dont think having a girl friend isn't life threatening if its hard to get a girl friend or anything.

  • Not necessarily. I see girls throw themselves at dudes all the time and they ask out those guys sometimes too... not asking girls out definitely will hinder your chances, but not eliminate them completely. There may be other reasons as well such as your hygiene, you're short/fat... etc.