Told guy I wanted to be just friends and we made out yesterday?

So this is complicated. I'm 18 and he's 23. And I would say we click. Never had a boyfriend before. So anyways... we've been talking since November. At first, he wanted to be in a relationship after like three weeks and I told him I wanted to take things easy. So we've been getting to know each other since. I would say he's nice, caring, smart, and attractive. It's just he's been pressuring me and some red flags. So when we last hanged out, I told him how I didn't want a relationship because I wanted to keep my options open, my mom, and school (nursing major). We both agreed to stay friends. I also told him he could talk to other girls just in case.
BUT yesterday... I don't know what happened. We hanged out for ten hours yesterday
We were hanging out in my dorm, watched movies, and he pressured me to kiss him. Then it led to a 20 min makeout session. He also started calling me babe. I don't know what to do. I don't want to get hurt.


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  • he kissed you to show you how great it is , so you can change your mind about bring friends. also its not grtting hurt if you friendzone him


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  • Get out and don't speak to him again. He's pressuring you and you don't need to be pressured. Just because your body wants ut it doesn't mean YOU personally want it.

    • I know. I don't know what do. :( what if he says bad things about me? I mean I know we didn't have sex but ugh I feel bad. What if he uses this against me?

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    • I don't know what to tell him. Like yesterday he stopped replying me. And he also stopped replying to me today. Girl, you don't understand I feel so dirty.. I don't know what got to me that day. I was doing so good resisting. I'm just gonna ask him, so what are we? I thought we were just friends. I don't what led to that makeout session.

    • I do understand. I had to deal with sexual harassment on the street by some old Chinese guy touching me. I was petrified and couldn't really do anything AND he was speaking Mandarin, but it was possibly Cantonese because I heard and southern accent. Even if I were to call the cops, nobody would have stepped up to say anything. There was a guy who was outside of his apartment home and he was on the phone, looking at the situation and did NOTHING! He was smirking and then walked back inside the house. I felt just as dirty as if I was defiled. But at the same time, I regretted not opening my mouth and reported him. But again, who knows what route it would have turned. Your not alone on this. This is why I think you should just leave him alone if he is not speaking to you. It's very clear what he thinks already of you.

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