I HATE best friends husband?

Hi everyone. My best friend is pregnant and I feel odd about it.
She is an amazing amazing friend and such a genuinely good person.
I've known her all my life (we are now both 29) and she met her now husband when we were teenagers. I was bridesmaid.
Her husband has several times in the past (before they got married) made a pass at me trying to grab my ass and kiss me, another occasion he came upstairs (where I was sleeping) at a party and tried to get in bed with me. I HATE him so so much as my friend really is perfect. I told my friend this and she fell out with ME (maybe to cope)
2 months ago, he tried to kiss me at a party (they are married less than 2 years) while my friend was saying goodbye to friends in another room. He also tried to grab me. I didn't tell my friend as I don't want to hurt her, she doesn't deserve it.
She is now 3 months pregnant, and a another friend told me that her husband made a pass at her too.
How can I be around them knowing what I know?
I can't tell her as it will break her heart.


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  • Could be that he dated her to get close to you

    • I don't think so hopefully x

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    • Don't let your feelings hurt your friend. Accept him for your friend. I hate my best friend's girlfriend as she doesn't live him and only with him cause she cares for him. She throws tantrums and forces him to do things that he doesn't want but I don't want my friend to be unhappy so I just help him with her although I hate her

    • Did I mention she fucking stalks me on social media and has countless times tried to contact me and flirt with me. I just am waiting for my friend to move on before I strangle her. If you find a solution do tell me

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  • Don't you think she'll be more broken when she found out you knew and still didn't tell her? At first she might be angry at you but later on she'll be thankful that you saved her in that marriage.
    If she doesn't believe you, ask the other friend to back you up.
    He's such a douchebag!

    • I completely understand what your saying, but I really don't want her to be hurt.
      She's 3 months pregnant, and telling her something that happened over 2 months ago can't help.
      I told her about the incidents years ago before they married and I honestly did not think he would do something like that again. That was the first time I was alone with him since they married.
      Me her and him went outside the bar to book a taxi and she met someone she knew so didn't follow us out. He had been drinking.
      She is the most loveliest girl i know I don't want her to be hurt.
      The reason I haven't told her is because I told her about it before

    • I understand.
      It's terrible that a good girl like her Is with a dreadful man like that.
      He has no respect for her whatsoever.
      But then again she's also an adult , she has a right to leave but chose to stay.
      I guess you just gotta leave her be , you can take a horse to the lake but you can't force him to drink from it.

    • Your right. Maybe now that she's pregnant he will behave x

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