Would you message your crush if you´ve never spoken in real life?

I have a huge crush on a guy in my school. He´s two years older than me and we´ve never spoken, or had the chance. He has shown some signs of interest tho and my friends think he might like me too. The problem is that both of us are kinda introvert. For me, it required great courage to send a friend request on fb but I did and he accepted. That was like a month ago though and I don´t know what to do now. Should i message him? If so, is there any good way to start a conversation?
Also, have you experienced something similar, or ever regretted not getting to know your crush?

PS: please don´t tell me to walk up to him and just talk cuz even if I would love to do that I most likely wouldn´t...

thank you for answers and please don´t be rude lol


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  • Listen. If you won't walk up to him your not going to be ready for any serious relationship. It's shows that your not willing to take a step. And most people including myself have no tolerance for people who won't do anything. Physical interaction is needed. Because if you message him like that, he may or may not be happy about you pursuing him solely to date. You can message him and give it a shot. But I don't agree with online messaging to crushes. Because 9/10x it's people lusting after each other online so I block such people. Plus it's laziness and a copout when you do have opportunities to go speak to him. All you have to do is be friendly and talk to him. Introduce yourself. If he shows interest in getting to know you as friends, then stop worrying and make a move. If you don't then he will eventually assume that you don't like him. If you really like him that much then you need to prove that. Because I'm telling you as advice, I'm an introvert myself. But being an introvert has 0 to do with being shy. Being shy is a choice. That is your choice. If you don't make a step now somebody else will take him if he sees you won't do anything. Its bad enough that he won't.

  • No. That feels awkward to me but other people do it so it can't be that bad


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