Need advice on a girl?

Met a girl at work who i started to chat on daily basis, but never invested because she had a boyfriend. We hanged out and both of us agreed to have a good time every time we did.

2 months later, she asked if i liked her which i replied with " i get along with you really well but you're moving out of town". She has gone cold ever since then which did bother me because i did start to like her.

thoughts on this?


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What Girls Said 2

  • She's distancing herself because you pretty much rejected her.

    • true but now i feel like she will ignore me if i try to talk to her right?

    • More than likely until she gets over it I'd say.

  • Guess she really likes you too and was expecting you to say it back. Wonder what she is gonna do about the boyfriend tho?

    • exactly why i didn't want to say yes..

    • @Asker, well you did the right thing because you dont want any boyfriend drama. Not worth it.

What Guys Said 1

  • mate just go for it she into you

    • mhm.. ill try after i giver her some time maybe?

    • well be confident it's more attractive that way increase your chances

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