Confused as to her not interested or really wanting something. Ladies please respond?

girl I work with and i started out very fast after night shift meetings no sex, but all over each other. 2+ months of great conversation and flirting. Now that we have changed shifts we have met once in last week. Talked about feelings, and she consistently sated she wants something with me. In a conversation we had past Sunday I said about how I liked her a lot and she responded to that with please don't say you mean the L word. I said I didn't say that. And said I really felt more then friends though. Then soon after she stated that we should start at begining and take it slow talking as friends first and moving up. And said she can see an "us" but wants to take it slow as we kinda started this thing in middle instead of begining. During conversation through text onot Sunday I asked her if she truly wanted something between us and immediate response of yes. Talked great that night just without flirting. Still good night kissesleep and next morning good morning from her. But then not much at all through day Monday and short with anything. Tuesday I texted good morning to Wich she replied buy not. much more. Tuesday night talked more but not same. Asked her if she regretted anything, and she said that only that we went so quick and how she came across. I basically reiterated that back to her. I asked if she didn't want to talk as much now or what and she said no, she still wanted to talk. And we talked more that evening but everything was off. I asked her about it being different like we didn't know what to say to each other or what each other expected and she said she thought that too. Since then has been kinda cool and not much talking but I have not initiated and flirty talk as she said about taking slow on weekend. She has sent a song or to about love and and being there. But not like before. Very little texting since though. I'm confused to what to do. Weather to back off, or push forward. As she said, she sees and "us", and wants something between us.

Her not being interested us what I figured, but things she has said, and most everything she has posted to her "stories" seem to indicate a message to me not to give up. Poems, sayings and song lyrics, etc. About giving her a reason to stay, and about her being there and to follow heart... we talked yesterday a bit through text... she said she has been different and others have noticed. Asked her if it was good or bad differences and she said both. She again said she feels there could be more
And said she doesn't want to lose me as a friend if something doesn't grow there. She wants to do things with me and talk. This is different to me as she is much younger then I am and the dating now is definitely different. Part of me thinks that I may have made things go fast and then didn't follow through with things knowing it needed to go at a slow pace but never talked to her in that regard. We left it as we both want that friendship and who knows... Doesn't take away confusion though


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