Am I going to come out not losing anyway from this situation?

I've been dating someone for about two months, and though we had never said we were exclusive, I have only been seeing him. Nearing the end of two months, I had a talk with him whether he is seeing other people. He said has been talking to a few, I asked what it means-going out sleeping with. He said he hasn't met anyone in person and wouldn't sleep with anyone else while sleeping with me. He asked me what I thought about us so far I said I don't downplay feelings, and I like him and like how things are going and dont feel we have to move too fast too quickly. He agreed. Two days after I he messaged telling me he had met a girl a while back at the gym and liked her, he wanted to message me and let me know today they saw each other again and talked and though nothing has happened he wanted to tell me. I told him I appreciate his honesty and asked him a couple things. Basically, he doesn't know anything about the girl, if she's single, phone number or any basics. He said he doesn't want to hurt me so if I can give him until the end of the month to figure out what he wants, in the meantime I can let him know my decision. If I give him time, we can continue meeting and hanging out but only as friends as not to get too attached (we never were friends before). My dilemma is, I don't have an answer, and no matter what I choose I see myself losing. If I bow out now, I never gave it a chance, If I stay and something happens with the other girl, he will end us, if I wait and he chooses me, I'll have to continue being put on hold for how long and how many other girls. I see it as when you start something, give it your all in that time and go down trying, whats meant to be is meant to be, because you could think entire life something better will come along. He is a good guy, we get along, in the two months I haven't a single complaint. Since then I messaged him but he hasn't been responsive much. Last two days, he hasn't even said a Hi to me. I'm confused.


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  • The other girl is obviously his first option and you are the second. That should be telling you something


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