He is always bringing up other guys?

Why does he keep bringing up guys I might be seeing and asking questions like
"why you wearing makeup? are you seeing your bf" (even though he knows I don't)
"Am I not good enough for you" (joking way)
and other sentences along those lines. "you two should get married" (referring to myself and someone he works with)

BUT then he mentions how he is not interested in girls and only focused on training and he said something really vain "I can get any girl I want"


(we used to have something)


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  • though he might not be interested does that mean he can't mess/tease with you? maybe it's his personality.

    • so you think he's not interested? I get its his personality -- but it becomes super annoying

    • he says he's not interested in girls right now... so yes.

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  • He is probably uncertain. He doesn't feel ready to be with anyone right now, but it sort of bothers him thinking of you with other people


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  • maybe he is the kind of guy who is really reluctant to take that step into a relationship, give him a knudge and see what happens, he might want something but can't say it out

  • dump him


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