Girls, a man has a great body, good looking, and nothing else going for him?

  • Girls, a man has a great body, good looking, and nothing else going for him?Long-term relationship material
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  • He's your long-term fuck toy until you get bored and move on.
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  • Fuck him a few times maximum and move on.
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  • Fuck him once and move on.
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  • Ignore him and move on.
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  • It's the same for girls. Would you wanna be in a relationship with a girl that has a body of a 10 looks wise as well but has a shit personality? Instant turn off. I personally wouldn't care less about an attractive dude who has a shit personality. I'll give them credit for their looks but not worth my time.
    Guys would probably fuck a girl who's attractive and not give a shit about personality but once you mature and get into the age where you wanna settle, you wouldn't want a girl who has no personality or a shitty one.

    • Would I want to be in a relationship with a girl that has the body of a 10 looks wise but with a shit personality? No, but to me, a "shit personality" means hurtful, cruel, or maybe just obnoxious. She would be "ignore and move on" material.

      Would I want a relationship with a hot "no personality?" Someone who is hot but otherwise not interesting to talk to? For the purpose of this question, I probably wouldn't pick "long-term relationship material," even though the thought might enter my mind for a minute, maximum. But I also absolutely would _not_ pick "ignore and move on" either. It would be one of the other options.

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    • The question assumes no entanglements, like either one of you being in a committed relationship, of course. Seriously does that even have to be explained? Looks like you might change your answer!

    • Nah, it still stands :)

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What Girls Said 11

  • See, one of the little joys about being my age or anywhere close -- AKA #olderthandirt -- is that this has become an impossible situation.

    By early-mid 30's at the latest, the boys who well and truly DO have "nothing else going for them" ... well, they'll long since have jumped off that proverbial cliff, in terms of their body and physical health (... and usually their facial looks, too -- since, after all, "chiseled" facial features are mostly just a function of staying lean).

    A lot of boys yr age (if yr age is as listed) -- and, yes, women too -- are hot COMPLETELY by accident. They eat like shit, live fast, drink hard, and don't introspect at all about their mental health... and yet, thanks entirely to a combination of genetics and dumb luck, they still look good.
    ... On the outside, at least.

    By my age? Or even close? Ahahaahhahaaaaa
    To still have a HOT body at that point... a boy's gotta have his mind right, his act right, and his LIFE right.
    He needs to know lots and lots about nutrition, training, recovery, and probably (to some extent) safe use of drugs -- and he needs to know even *more* about HIMSELF. He needs to live a life that's characterized primarily by balance, discipline, and moderation. And he needs to keep his relationships, work life, and family life under control, too, in order to *stay* there.

    Oh, and... a boy who still looks like *that* in his 40's needs one more thing, too: He needs a WOMAN who'll *inspire" him to STAY perfect.
    #fuckyeah <3 <3
    ... because, at that age, a boy can't just ride on the strength of a hot body anymore. (Stereotypically, at that age he shouldn't even TRY to have a hot body anymore, and instead he should focus more on "establishing" himself, as paterfamilias or whatever the fuck.) The "market value" of that body, if you will, is pretty low by that age.
    ... but, if he's got a woman he *loves* who still salivates over that body -- and once his clothes come off (and ohh they will), he's nothing but her favorite fuck toy -- mhhh fuck yeah, **inspiration**.

    Besides, when WERE boys good for anything else, really?
    ahha <3 <3 #muah

  • I think all girls are different. I'm gonna ask this question in reverse to the guys. I'm curious lol.

  • I've met really hot, good looking guys with great bodies, but most of them are not lovable for me, If he can't offer me something else other than his looks, my interest fades away very soon.

  • He means nothing to me besides something pleasurable to look at.

  • That guy is not hot but this hypothetical boy would be ignore-worthy. Possibly sextoy if we had a compatible sexual disposition.

    • Here's the best way to look at all this:
      Pretty much all boys have the potential to make women feel awesome. Yep... all of 'em.

      • The boys who know what we want, and are willing and able to give [at least some parts of] that to us -- well, of course **they** make us feel good. #mmhmm

      • The rest of 'em... well, they just make us feel pretty damn superior, by **comparison**.

      In fact -- this is a beautiful irony indeed -- if you *do* find a boy who's good enough for emergency use, but otherwise doesn't even figure into yr thoughts (... like a tampon! ahha), well, *that* boy can make you feel good in BOTH ways.

  • I don't waste my time with someone I find boring and uninteresting

  • Zero interest from me

  • 'Such an awesome fuck! But you suck at love!'

  • not for me.. NOPE

  • no i won't

  • I just don't like people who aren't clever, funny and very smart.


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