Should I text first even though he didn't answer my text since Wednesday (Texts were marked as 'seen' in whatssap')?

I met a guy on tinder. He asked me to grab some coffee but i couldn't at that time so we didn't meet. We played online games together twice, and texted a few times.

Last week we were texting and he sent some voice notes, so I replied for the first time with a voice note too. But he heard it and didn't reply. Either he didn't like what I said or didn't like my voice I guess.. But the point is tonite I just feel like having sex so a one night stand would be good enough for me.
How stupid would I be if I text him asking even when he didn't answer me since last week?

I know i could hook up with other guys from tinder, but i kinda have a crush on him ya know


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  • Guys get busy and forget to reply later. I've had females double text or triple text me and we would continue where we left off. I just don't pay attention to convos sometimes. Not your fault, probably him. I don't think it was intentional either (leaving you on read like that). You should definitely text him again. It wouldn't be weird at all trust me. You're good. Hopefully you get the one night stand. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I don't know how to start a conversation after all the reads.. mayybe he really didn't like my voice? I don't wanna look that stupid.. what could I text him? lol should I be straight and flirt with him or a shy hi would be dumber?

    • Just be straight and flirt and act like those reads never happened. Be cool and flirty and get that one night stand girl ;)

    • thank youu! :D

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  • It is never a good idea to have a one night stand with someone you have a crush on. You will end up being very hurt


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