Guys, Is he shy or just not that into me?

Guys this ones for you. Its a fine line between a guy being shy and just enjoying attention (in my opinion) and I would appreciate the honesty to give me a better outlook on my dilemma!

I go to the gym every Friday and have been exchanging polite convo in the last couple weeks with a guy who works there.

last time I saw him there he seemed eager to talk to me, and would appear out of nowhere when I was returning items etc to exchange conversation.

I did not go there for two weeks. And today I returned. But he seemed either nervous or uninterested. He greeted me at the reception to sign me in but could not make eye contact. Eyes stayed on the floor. When I went to buy my energy drink. His colleague greeted me instead and offered me the EXACT drink I usually ask for from the one I like. The guy I like was hanging around but was never 'within distance' to chat too. But yet was constantly staring over. He stayed in the back the whole time I was working out only catching him walking across by chance. When I left the building he was chatting confidently to a female colleague. I won't go in again. I'm pretty sure that he likes attention but I just wanted a guys thoughts. Thanks all 😊


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  • Im a shy guy and i would do that exact thing to a girl i was interested in. Not for attention but because I have no idea what the hell im doing haha. Just go talk to him and make him uncomfortable. If he likes you he will get more comfortable and open up, if he doesn't things will stay about the same.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Thing is I actually like that he's possibly shy. I find it cute. But he didn't seem all that shy the other week when talking to me. So it makes me doubt how true this is.

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    • You could add him on fb and like a few pictures or posts. At the same time youd be online where he is probably more confident to talk with you. If you do all that and still nothing Id just go find someone else. Im also not a relationship expert by any means

    • I appreciate the help. I'm just trying to figure out a way of not looking a complete stalker. Especially if he's into that girl. She seemed to like him

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