After date 3, still interested or not?

So we've hung out 3 times. 3rd time he told me he had a really good time, kissed etc great night. We text every single day. About a day later, friend told me about a film that I thought he might like. He said he heard about it and has been meaning to watch it, so I suggested we watch it together. He agreed and we set up a day. Day comes and I ask if him if he's still down to watch it and he says he has to cancel because he didn't realize he had a test to study for and a few other things due and that he wouldn't be able to hang out for the next few days. Mildly understandable , as its midterm week. (Also maybe slightly yellow flag since he canceled day of and didn't even bother to tell me up until I asked?) But next week is spring break, and he mentioned he's going home for a few days, and picked up some more shifts at work for when he gets back.

Still no mentions of rescheduling or hanging out. I did see him once this week, because I ended up needing a ride somewhere and he offered, it was like 10 mins total. Save for that, I haven't really seen him for a week. And next week will make another week.

Friend suggested he's probably still keeping options open, dating etc (we met online). I don't know, I'm getting a vibe that he might not be as interested as I thought. What's the point of talking all the time if we don't actually physically see other. Thoughts? Opinions?


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  • Follow your gut. I would go into detail but to put it simple: I don't think he's interested in you anymore. He's slowly fading out of your life and distancing himself from you.

    • I agree with you. Question though, why keep texting me? Why not just ignore my next text, at least then I'd get the hint and wouldn't re-initiate.

    • He just likes to talk with people and you're one of them so just see it as a friend/acquaintance/casual type of thing.

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  • If you get the vibe that he is not into it, trust your vibe and move on.

    • Yeah I agree. I just don't get why he doesn't stop texting me then. Usually a guy will just not respond to a text and I get that hint. But he always replies back.

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  • well that's the glitch with online dating. there is no intimacy in staring at a screen. I totally understand where you are coming from.
    I think maybe he might be a bit busy right now but maybe he will come through considering he still talks to you. Maybe he might be easing in with dating or whatever or your friend is right.
    anyways i think maybe still be a bit more convincing and pester him into coming and meeting you... just to grab a coffee or a bite. Small steps, coffee takes like 10mins from his "busy" life. If he still acts shady maybe you can chat your frustration to him about what he expects in life from you because you don't deserve to date a screen.

  • i think he is not interested and trying to find a way to get out of it without hurting you. You should just tell him


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