What should I expect on my first tinder date?

I'm going on my first tinder date and I'm super nervous. I haven't been on a date in over a year. I'm a 19 year old female virgin. The guy I'm talking to hasn't mentioned hooking up, we text all day, talking about random shit. He does flirt a bit and compliments me but at the same time he referred to me as his friend (we've been talking for almost a week). So I'm not really expecting sex, also I don't really want to have sex because I'm just not ready to do it yet (I'm insecure). But everyone refers to tinder as a hook up app, really I would like a relationship, am I expecting too much?


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  • just tell him you want a real relationship. and yeah tinder can be used as a hook up app but people talk about that before meeting up. if anything just have fun as friends first and see what happens later on


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  • It's not just a hookup. My last ex was in a long relationship with me and we met on Tinder. There are guys on there who want relationships. It's like any other date you'll go on. The fact that you met on Tinder doesn't make it any different. Just go in it with a light hearted "I want to get to know this person" vibe.

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  • Nah, you're fine. I've been on a couple tinder dates and I'm the same way. Tinder is looked at as a "hook up" app but a lot of the people on there are just looking to meet people. Of course there's going to be guys just on there for sex, but it's quite obvious the ones who are.
    The couple of tinder dates I've been on were pretty innocent and sex wasn't even mentioned lol
    Just make sure you're both on the same page and maybe tell him ahead of time "Hey, I don't really do hookups"

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