How long should I wait?

I went on a date with this girl, date went fine then I texted her a few days later to see if she wanted to hang out again she made plans with me then had to cancel but it wasn't last minute and she was be honest should I wait for her to make the next move to see if she is still interested or should I call or text in the next few days to try again?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would personally wait and let her reach out next, do you still text, but just not talk about hanging out? Or alll communication has been silent?

    • We haven't texted since she cancelled but she did at least give me a full reason why then left it open for a rain check date/hang out

    • Ohhhh if she left it open for a rain check, I would 100% text her then ! Sometimes girls are weird we don't like asking, so she'll throw that out there waiting for you to bite... so ask her out again... remember worst that happens is she doesn't answer ! You have nothing to lose, but I think it will be positive since she left it open for a rain check.

    • Thank you for the advice

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd shoot her a text and say that you'd like to take her up on that raincheck and invite her out for a romantic supper or whatever it is you'd like to do for the date :)


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