Why did the guy I met and dated on tinder swiped me right on bumble and okc?

This guy and I met on tinder 4 months ago. We dated at least once a week. Then a month ago i told him i want to be exclusive. He was hesitant. So i decided to give him time to think. In the mean time we dated 2-3 times a week with activities outside or just hanging out at home cooking. It's been 3 weeks and he is not giving me answer. And he hasn't texted since five days. Several things going on in his life such as fixing house, selling other house, moving in-out etc. so he's been busy but i noticed he started going on okc from my roommates account as we were swiping people together for fun (i didn't have account).

So i decided to move on completely as I dont want a half ass relationship.

So i open bumble, and okcupid account. Polished them well. And i am looking for a real relationship. While swiping, i saw him on bumble and swiped him right for fun. An hour later i got a notification he swiped right as well.

Why is he making fun of me? Why did he swipe me right instead if freaking out and blocking me?

Should I Message him on bumble just for fun?


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  • Maybe he doesn't realize it's you, just someone who looks like you.

    • Not possible. I have a distinctive name as I am a foreigner. I am not some Ashley, Kylie, Angela, Jennife, Jessica etc.

    • Well then, he's being very strange. Maybe he's he's got a weird thing about being consistent.

  • he also swiped right for fun like you did 😂


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