Mixed Signals from Friend?

I have this female friend who says I'm her "Best Friend". However, at times, I get mixed signals from the her... a lot. She will hold my hand, or hug me a lot, asks me to hang out alone a lot. On top of that, she talks to me late into the night and early in the morning, and says she misses me when I haven't seen her for a while. However, she says we are just "best friends" and even admitted to liking one of my buddies, who she is "talking" to right now and says she hopes to date him. However, then she'll say let's just hang out together, you and me, and acts very flirty, grabbing my arm or touching me a lot, laughs at everything I say etc. It's just, weird, I've had female friends before, but nothing like this. Any ideas?


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  • this girl is an interesting character and i am confused after reading this.


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