Help with awkward prom date!? guys and girls please

So me and my senior prom date that is a junior are already awkward. We’ve never hung out before and he is a quiet person. In class when we’re talking prom details we’re fine. But now school’s out for seniors and I haven’t seen him in person. We decided to pick out the corsage and boutonniere together. Via Facebook, I asked him to drive me this weekend, and he logs out. Later I text him and he ignores it. This is not the first time he’s ended a conversation abruptly, and he’s never answered my texts. We still have to order the flowers and I don't know how to approach this. Help?! there's less than a week left til prom!


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  • I know it's last minute but is there anyone else that can go with you? I hope it isn't because you shouldn't have to go with someone like that.

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