How Do I Slide in?

i like this guy who used to like me last year but I didn't then. Now I do but we don't have any classes together and my friends and his friends don't interact. He was constantly coming up to me last year, but now he doesn't. I barely see him. My friend is a friend of his friends ( they're not close enough to set us up) and she got me his snapchat and phone #. I added him on snap but he doesn't really use social media so he hasn't seen it. We have the same teacher for a class but at different periods, this teacher never gives out homework so I can't use that line. Should I Tex him something? Or wait. But I'm tired of waiting around for him to see me, I wanna make myself seen. I think he could like me but maybe he doesn't think I like him or have any interest Bc of last year and the fact that we don't see each other on a regular basis. Please help :)

if u look at my last question about " how to get a guy's attention again" there will be more detail on what went down with him.
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For those of you who said text him, any suggestions on what to say?


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  • Go up to him in the cafeteria or on the side walk and stage an unexpected meet-up and start talking. He'll pick the cue.


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  • Start add pictures of random furniture into his DM's and when he ask you what you are doing say " I am moving into your DM's"


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  • Take initiative, don't wait😊


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