He makes less effort than me?

So my boyfriend never ever makes effort to even text me and we never see each other. We met over the Internet and we decided to meet up and that has only happened once and I offered to meet again and all he said was yeah. I always make way more effort for everything. I don't wanna dump him though coz we've only been going out for a couple of weeks. And I'm to scared to tell him how I feel.


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  • Gosh, i've loving equality. We get to sleep with women and dump them. I've loving this... women have to deal with all kinds of shit. you women don't realize you made men into pussies


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  • 1. No effort to text and see u ( he is not that into u)
    2. Met over the internet (1% of the internet relationships work)
    3. Has only happened once and he didn't ask for one more time (he is not that into u)
    4. You offered to meet again (he now thinks u r desperate) and he said yeah (he doesn't want to)
    5. I don't wanna dump him (do sister do)
    6. Going out for a couple of weeks? ( i thought it was once)
    7. Scared to tell him what? If u told him how u feel, he will say that ur not meant to be for each other. Don't.. u'll sound more desperate

    All in all, let go..


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  • What do you mean by : "I am scared to tell him how I feel"? You guys are supposed to be in a relationship, which means that you should feel free to discuss such issues with him. Do you think the issues are going to solve themselves?

  • Well, clearly y'all need to talk more communicate with each other. The worst thing that can happen is him saying I just want to be friends... but id tell the guy how you feel, because if he can't reciprocate his feelings and put in effort, then you deserve someone better. But tell him like hey if you can put in effort than I don't know why we are dating, hopefully he'll realizes it and fixes it.


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