How do you meet the opposite sex at college? In university I learned about trigger warnings etc and honestly I'm not sure now when I can approach?

In my orientation they went over certain terms that can't be used as well as handing out a pamphlet, as well as trigger warnings being given in class, honestly a lot of terms I did not know were offensive or sexist were on the list that I just thought were normal which I'm sorry about like, "man made" or "forefathers", homosexual is also not an appropriate term as well as man up which I already know isn't appropriate or spaz. The talk also talked about the no means no harassment which I know about but also about street harassment and approaching females on the way to class or appropriate class behavior with females should be kept to educational talk only. I'm a little worried because the clubs that I'm interested in are full of guys and I don't want to take something just to for girls because that is inappropriate. Does anyone have any advice on how I can correctly meet women?


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  • You just talk to them like a normal human being. Didn't you talk to people in middle and high school? It's the exact same thing. It's not as big of a deal as people here make it. Even me as an introverted individual managed to talk to plenty of guys in college -not with the intention of dating them, but still-.


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  • This is a complete joke of a question. I hope you're trolling.

    • I'm 100% serious, I could not believe it as well, but even when it comes to presentations you have to tell the class what topic you are covering in case they get, "triggered" and can leave the classroom, it's not just my university though, I did research and apparently this is common among uninversities.

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    • Lol, it's not common in any I've been to thankfully.

    • You are lucky, it's to the point where it's like indoctrination almost, it's sort of scary.

  • Wow modern women are kinda pathetic.
    It's like you young people need bubble wrap on everything least you bump into something and get a bruise.


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