What should I do? Does he still like me?

I really like this guy (he's generally quite awkward but he can be quite loud when he's with his close friends) in school. We met two months ago and I started liking him 2 weeks after I met him (he's really humble, cheerful and nice to everyone - the list can go on). We were in the same temporary class for a month (we're in different classes now).

I think he may like me too (but his signs are really confusing). In the beginning, he made indirect moves such as walking at the back of the class (where I was), and I also realised he kept looking and smiling at me. He set his profile picture as a sculpture only the two of us made together (as friends) which he still hasn't changed till now. Now, I'm not too sure because we don't see each other that much, but we still wave and smile when we walk past each other. However, he never takes the initiative to text me (I have been initiating conversations every time, but he continues them well)

I think about him so often (he's usually the first and last person I think about in the morning/night), and I try to act normal when he's around but also behave more consciously because part of me wanted him to not know my feelings for him. I didn't want us to not even be able to be friends and we will still be in the same school for the next 2 years. I check his timetable often and try to walk past his classrooms/venues so that I steal a glance at him (I act like I didn't see him, but I can't help but smile and it brightens up my day).

I try to convince myself that I dont like him and that I've been forcing myself to think that I liked him previously. Yet, he keeps popping out in my mind and I really can't focus on what I'm doing.

Part of me says that liking him is unhealthy but the other says that he is a good influence (Ever since I started liking me, I never missed a day of school and even looked forward to school everyday. I feel that my life has more meaning than just studying all day).

Does he still like me? What should I do?


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  • Give it a chance.
    And try to be together like u and ur group of all friends his and yes etc.. hangout then try to get any chance that u 2 can be together and see how it goes be careful of being friend zoned so don't be fiends for long time then ask him about ur feelings u will be hurt more coz u got attached more.


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  • If you really like him that much, you should think of ways to approach him. Staring alone won't lead you anywhere.


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  • Just try asking to hang out an see were it goes , an thank you I've been wandering if there were still girls like you around :)

  • You're a great girl, probably too thoughtful for your good.

    There is no way to know his mind about you.

    " he never takes the initiative to text me (I have been initiating conversations every time, but he continues them well)"

    He may be a king-'o-goofs, or not really like you.


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