Mixed signals from her, any ideas?

I have this female friend who says I'm her "Best Friend". However, at times, I get mixed signals from the her... a lot. She will hold my hand, or hug me a lot, asks me to hang out alone a lot. On top of that, she talks to me late into the night and early in the morning, and says she misses me when I haven't seen her for a while. However, she says we are just "best friends" and even admitted to liking one of my buddies, who she is "talking" to right now and says she hopes to date him. However, then she'll say let's just hang out together, you and me, and acts very flirty, grabbing my arm or touching me a lot, laughs at everything I say etc. It's just, weird, I've had female friends before, but nothing like this, never this touchy or confusing. Any ideas?


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What Girls Said 1

  • First of all, she's doing this because she can. I mean you're the one letting her vent until dawn and you're not establishing any boundaries. She's obviously trying to start something with your friend. I've had guy friends like you and it felt like they were trying to play the role of my boyfriend when I made no commitments to them whatsoever. Unfortunately, not everyone has qualms about taking advantage of other people's generosity. Either lay out some boundaries or she'll continue to do whatever she wants.


What Guys Said 1

  • She doesn't miss you. She miss validation from the other sex, and you are just an easy source of validation to her.

    She is doing those intimate favors to keep you from leaving.

    My recommendation? Don't say a word to her anymore. If she gets mad, don't say a word just walk away. Also, goto the subreddit named "the red pill" if you want to wake up.


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