Girls, Random guys who message girls on Facebook?

For the girls out there, how do you feel about random guys who message you on Facebook? Do you respond back? Do you find it odd a random guy would message you?

I came across a girl that someone told me about, she goes to the same university I went to and I figured to message her and just tell her that I respect her for being politically involved and fighting for rights as a fellow political science grad, she responded back with a lengthy positive message.

Is that good a sign she responded back, should I continue by facebook messaging her with small questions to ask (nothing weird) just things like, what got you involved in politics? what political issue do you care most about? I don't want to compliment on her looks because I think girls get that often from guys and Im sure it is flattering but you would rather have a guy highlight your intelligence, right?


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  • i respond every once in a while


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