Should I ask him?

Ok so basically I really like this guy. Our personalities are really compatible and we get along really well AS FRIENDS :( . Basically we have this ball sort of event for the medical students at uni and I really want to take him as my date (basically not as just friends). But here's where the problem comes in: I know it sounds really stupid but I have always had a complex for my dark-ish indian skin. Ok its not really very dark- think a bit darker than bollywood stars. Also, not to sound up myself or anything, but I am constantly being complimented on my looks. I want to know if I could ask him and there could be a way he could think I'm pretty despite my dark-ish skin. (Yeah Ik this question sounds pretty shallow but I have always had this inferior complex and I since this is college and stuff, people say guys in general care more about looks)
Wow this question makes him sound so shallow. But I'm honestly curious


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  • Stop being silly. Dark skin is as beautiful as white skin. From where does your insecurity derive from? There are plenty of dark-skinned beautiful women around the world, but I am sure that you have already noticed that. You should definitely ask him.


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