Do you think this girl is still into me or its a done deal?

I been talking with this girl for about 2 weeks. We originally met up on OKC and later trade phones, with a solid week of WhatsApp conversations. Yesterday me and her met, we had a great dinner but the Date got cut short as something came up and she had to cut the date short.

I wasn't too critical and as a person I understand things do pop-up at unexpected moments. Anyways she gotten home and send me a message saying she enjoyed herself, she had fun and apologized for cutting the date short.

What surprised me is today. Today it seems like she is avoiding me, she hasn't been as active on WhatsApp as she usually is, and by usually I mean we text back and forth for hours on, like 4-5 hours easy. Today however it was barely 6 messages, and what's been surprising me is that she pop-up Online yet doesn't read my replies to her previous messages that where send hours ago.

At this moment I feel pretty bummed out as I don't know what I could have done wrong and to be honest everything seemed to be going well. I kind of hate myself since I tend to dwell on little things and over think, leading to more attempts to breakdown a scenario which is followed by more overthinking, which essentially leads to me depressing myself.

Yeh I know one day isn't a big deal, but again it doesn't seem like her regular self. After 2 weeks of constant chatting and then after our date, bam. I don't know if she is pushing me away for whatever reason or simply decided against dating me. But what strikes me is that we discussed how both of us care about honesty and being upfront. Which would mean that if you don't believe you will "click" with someone you can tell them "off" in a nice matter, instead of just killing of contact with them.

Well I personally will wait till Monday, if this continues I guess she no longer wants to keep in touch, and just does not want to tell me to "fuck off" upfront, vs. pushing me aside with isolation.
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Also to those who selected "Yes" please duly note that my actions warranted no "Fuck up", the date was to highest standards and it went quite well. With me being in control of what I was saying.


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  • The exact thing happened to me. Went on two nice dates with this guy, and then suddenly I got no more responses from his side. When I asked what was wrong he said he said it was the distance because I was gonna move away so he couldn't see future despite the fact he liked me a lot. Again no talking. A few days later I told him I made decision and that I wanted to stay (not because of him). "Suddenly" he didn't like me anymore. Bottom line is, this girl is more or less ghosting on you and rather than having the damn guts to tell you it's not gonna work out, she's slowly disappearing hoping that you will get the message. No, you didn't do anything wrong, she just doesn't think you guys belong together. And that's okay, because we can't belong to everyone. The real question is, do you want to be with a girl who doesn't have any respect for other people and to just hurt them like this? I sure wouldn't.

    • I'm sorry that this happened to you. From personal experience people can be pretty odd and weird, one moment they claim to have feelings for you and then poof. In my case I suspect it's because of looks, or so I assume or it may be the age difference. Because we live 10 min apart, why I say looks? Well when the girl seen my pictures she noted how I look like a model, to which I told her I look like any Average European guy, and age wise she is 21 and I'm 24, girls in their early 20's aren't best dating material from experience. But older woman aren't too keen to date younger guys, so it's a catch 22.

      The thing is I been in shitty relationships, where I was tossed aside like a rag, I been hurt by a handful of people and I been betrayed by handful of people, so for me "Trust" is a very major requirement. But in the same time I'm a logical monster, I dry to dissect little things and find the truth, granted I always find the truth and granted I'm often right. But thank you.

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    • Simple human curiosity. I don't require validation, but in same moment I can't tell how others see me, and it's meer desire to know, hence being curious. In the end I understand this rating is "Relative" and thus is subject to vary from person to person. Haha, them Europeans. The net worth portion was a joke, witty and dry humour :)

    • But jokes aside, might be just that I have European mindset while trying to date North American woman. But oh well, shit happens and life is life. Once I go back to Europe for a mini Vacation might as well enjoy myself a bit.

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  • Aren't you over thinking?

    • I may, but from personal experience and just my personality I easily pickup oddities that trigger the "Red Flag". Rome was not build in a day, and so is trust. Not to mention you always have to take others say with a mouthful of "Salt" because as a great fictional character said "Everybody Lies" - Dr. Gregory House

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    • Oh I like pizza. But at moment just gonna drinks some fine 20 year old Whiskey

    • Aah.

      I don't understand whiskey or any alcoholic beverages... never had it myself anyway.

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  • I don't think you fucked up per se, she just wasn't attracted to the real thing.

    But you're making the classic guy mistake of caring too much too early, date multiple girls at once and you won't care about ones like this.

    • Actually I don't care, I lack the ability to care or express empathy. Goes back to my physically/mentally abusive childhood. What I seek here is a simple explanation, I'm driven by logic and when shit like this happens my logic and analytical skills kick into overdrive, I must be an odd person but I love to get to bottom of things.

      I'm going to Europe to see my family in April, so I understand I can meet some great woman there or just have some nice hookups, so I'm not worried much. I do however give everyone an equal chance before they fuck up.

      So I understand where you're coming from but trust me I lack the ability to "care", to me this is just an attempt to solve a puzzle. You know it's like kids with high functioning Autism where you have to get something done or it will drive you mad.

  • We all get busy, you can not expect to go non stop everyday.
    You need to slowdown on the constant messaging cause eventually you two will have not much to say.
    Oh and stop overthinking and over analyzing the situation or you will do something to fuck it up.


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