Why won't he make plans even just for friends?

So he said he's not looking for a relationship and neither am I, although I always look for more.
He texts everyday however doesn't initiate a day to meet or anything. I'm always the one bringing it up. He says he's interested in meeting and he added me on snapchat so I see his wear abouts. He doesn't have a lot of social media followers. I want to try one more attempt to see if he would meet me but I don't know what to ask. What's a good question to ask him?
we haven't met yet and we are supposed to meet this week but I'm impatient and we haven't talked/ or skyped yet. Should I ask him if we can Skype or talk before meeting? If he doesn't say that's fishy and leave him? Like I just want to hang out as friends... that's all. Nothing serious, no fancy candle light date either...


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  • He doesn't want a relationship and neither do you but you always look for more. So in that case you are looking for a relationship and lied to him that you dont. This is starting off to a great start. He doesn't want a relationship but you do and lied about it. Yeah this will lead to hell

    • No - let me rephrase.
      He asked me what I'm looking for.
      I said I always look for more but if they want to be friends first then that's ok. I asked him and he said mostly something serious but he's in no rush.

      It's been two weeks and we haven't hung out. We both keep asking each other what we are doing or hanging out doing yet we don't. We didn't hang out first week because his moms surgery. 2nd week I cancelled due to my work schedule being very busy. We are supposed to meet this week but I have a feeling he doesn't want to meet. Also, "friends" don't text each other all day everyday do they? I've never heard of a guy doing that unless he has intentions or he really likes the girl. I recently just asked him today if he's shy. He said yeah a little I guess, but that's because he hasn't met me yet in person.
      I'm waiting to meet him. He's constantly out watching movies and at bars too.

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    • Like I'm not even upset about him not liking me romantically. From a friend standpoint, he sucks.
      I wouldn't want my friend pushing me weeks down the calendar just to see me/ flaking on me.

    • I wouldn't do or say anything and just move on. What you're wanting to do is a guilt trip which won't work because he doesn't have a sense of guilt

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  • He probably feels too awkward meeting up with you. That or there is a possibility that he might be a catfish.

    • Yeah. I just asked him if he's shy and he said just a little since we haven't met in person. He didn't reply since then. Which is really weird. He always replies. Should I text him saying this isn't going anywhere -- goodbye?

    • You should.

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