Does she have a crush on me?

So there's a girl I work with that I like. I'm getting ready to quit my job and be a full-time student. So I want to ask her out but I'm not sure if she likes me as well. She's a really popular ( pretty much all the guys flirt with her) and friendly. I always thought she was cool but refrained from asking her out because we are coworkers and I thought I didn't have a chance with her. But recently I noticed a few things that might suggest she likes but I don't want to jump to conclusions. So let me know if these are signs or just her being friendly. Recently I noticed that as soon as I come into work she approaches me with big smile and a very enthusiastic greeting. And after we chat for a bit she'll stare and smile at me for the rest of the day. Almost every time I look up, I catch her smiling at me and flipping her hair. And when I enter her department for something, she'll move to where ever I'm at and just smile at me. I also went to her other job twice and each time she gave me something free (a cookie and drink) and while I waited, she kept smiling at me from the register. So are these signs of attraction?


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