What do you look for in a dating profile?

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A recent question that arose in my mind was what according to you is the perfect guy/girl dating profile? the type of pictures you look for? What you look for in their bio? or just what is that something you see that makes you decide i'd wanna talk to him/her?

Look forward to your answers! :)


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  • What I look for and not:
    Bio- He must sound friendly, no "wr1ting lyk dis" because it makes me assume he's not intelligent and immature, he must also somewhat make me have the impression of him being witty/funny and not boring.

    The type of pictures - a profile shot (I can't stand if he only has photos of his body and not face), mirror selfie is ok too so I can see his style and body frame, but no shirtless ones (makes me assume he's a douche/fuckboy).

    What makes me decide - If he seems easy to approach, not self absorbed, serious about having a real potentional relationship and sounds nice and inviting.


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  • I never look for dates online. I'd never create a dating profile. It seems to be on the increase coz a lot of people find it difficult to meet someone of the opposite sex in real life

  • -Friendly, nice picture (doesn't have to be professional. Just inviting)
    -Interests that I can relate to, but not broad ones like walking on the beach. Hobbies that show individuality, like playing basketball or baking cupcakes.
    -Politeness and friendliness. No hint of rudeness at all, in the broadest of ways


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