Does this mean that he is interested in me?

So last Sunday, I met this guy at church and we went out for a group lunch.

I didn't think much about him but then I saw him at church today and he talked to me. I noticed he looked over at me and when I looked at him back, he looked away.

Later on in the day, I got a friend request from him and when I accepted him, he started chatting to me.

Him: Hey there. Look who I found

Me: You should make detective then.

Him:Yeah I'm pretty good. Did you find the keys?

Me: I did. It was right in the folds of my bag.
Next time I will lose my head, honestly. Just been really stressed out and not thinking clearly.

Him: Awww what's wrong. Why so stress Hun

Me: LOL nothing I can't handle, it's just that when I start to get tired or little sleep I slip up from time to time.

Him: You're a tough cookie. What have you been up to this avo?

Me: Meal preps now I am going to chill. You?

Him: Aren't you good! What did you make? Just gym and a few chores. And just gonna go mess around with the church guys later and play capture the flag

Me: Made pasta and chilli. Capture the flag.. hmmm, should I ask? I am going to go to the gym too. Talk soon 🙂 Thanks for the friend request.

Was I too flirtatious? Does that mean he may be interested in me?
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What Guys Said 2

  • he's interested !!

  • He likes you


What Girls Said 1

  • Normal - let's be friends while killing time and see where this goes talk


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