Do you think my crush hates me?

So we started talking in person last year as he was in 3 of my classes. Our relationship was odd. We never friended each other on Facebook or connected with any social media. I think considered ourselves frienemies. But we weren't close. We would both insult and tease each other. Every time he saw me he would say 'f*ck yeah (my name). He got a girlfriend tho. They broke up like 3 weeks ago and we're together for like 10 months. Ever since then he's been more 'rude' to me? Like I don't think they're jokes when he flips me off or saids 'ew' when he sees me

I've developed a crush on him and I don't think he necessarily likes me. I think he wanted to be close friends last year but he thought I hated him. I got the courage to follow him on Instagram he's seen it , I'm sure , just he didn't follow me back. I feel I may have done something that I didn't know? We aren't that close for me to message him though. But anyone give me tips on what to do?


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  • Why do you like a guy that's rude to you? Is it because he teases you a lot?

    • I think he's just joking about it but he doesn't understand that it's not always a joke

    • So why do you like him, what makes him so attractive?

    • The way he talks?

  • when I guy says ew stay away that is out ultimate word for when we don't like something

    • I'm pretty sure he's joking because we do that to each other

    • we are guys we don't get groced out. but when we say ew it's the limit. but still if you believe in it own it and go forth

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