Why should men say hi first?

If a man says hi first, you don't know if the woman will allege sexual harassment.
On the other hand, if the man doesn't say hi first, you will find the woman on GAG asking "why don't guys say hi first?"
That's the world we live in today. I know I'd rather not say the first hi.


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  • Men don't have to approach first if they don't want to. If I like someone, I have no problem approaching them first.


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  • That's why I connect with them a little early on. Say something that is familiar to them. Guys got to be confident ones but girls are either too nervous, shy, or flat out don't want to text and that's should be okay. I dunno man I get what your saying.


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  • I won't say "hi" first either.

    • Your loss then.

    • Loss of what? I don't lose anything.

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  • oh my god, people. just fucking talk to each other like fucking equals... what is so hard about saying hi? worst case scenario, you don't connect and go about your business. I don't believe "Hi" could be constituted as sexual harassment in any situation. Unless you're opening up with a hi and sticking your exposed dick in the other person's face.

    • Any unwelcome comment can be classified as sexual harassment, even if it's one off.

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    • It's more about making money and making thmselves feel good because they get attention and sympathy by making such claims. It's also about destroying someone else and feeding off them like a vampire.

    • To be honest, I don't think you're trying to see the point I'm making...
      Like at all... It almost seems like this is a personal thing for you. Did someone accuse you of sexual harassment?