Please I nees help!! I feel so looooost?

Hello. My boyfriend ask me for space and his exact words were '' Don't start making problems. Grow up ur mind. And we need time from each other to think good and recognize stuff. U do good and think good''. He sent me this after having a lot of arguments recently. It has been 9 days today and i sent him and email two days ago and he did not respond to me. I know this is not about seeing someone else or cheating. I am trying to respect him but i am scare that he is using this as an excuse to dissapear from my life. Since he always answers to my emails. We have been 3 years together and we are from different cultures. Sometimes we dont understand each other because we are from different cultures but since i am mix learn how to understand each other and have patience. I am 23 and he is 25 . For us is out first relationship but now since 8 months we are in long distance. we have problems of trust. He does not trust me because I lie to him about big things and he does not trust me anymore but we love each other a lot. I try to show him i change but he is sturborn and he does not let me show him i am change. Sometimes when he gets mad he stops talking and then he talks back after 3 o 4 days. He has temperament. He is not a great talker. He does not like to tell his problems or what is in his mind. He keeps things inside him. I am an introvert too but with him im more open. He is also a overthinker and studborn. Also i think he is stress with his life but I always try to help him. What I should do? I do not want to lose him! He is the one i want forever Thanks!


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  • Maybe he just need some time..
    let him go, if he really thinks you are important he will get back to you soon..

    • I second this notion. This guy said it best. if he loves you, he will make it work. just don't completely avoid him while giving him his space. Maybe once every couple days, remind him that you're still here for him and you love him. Then leave it at that.

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    • Again, just do what makes you happy.

    • @Midnafan1 i will!! Thanks!!

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  • Give him the time and space he needs to think x I know it's difficult but it will be for the best. If he feels like you're forcing him into a corner or pressuring him, then he'll run in the opposite direction. Focus on yourself, do the things that you want and try and spend time with friends. Relax, be happy :) A relationship is a large part of your life, but it shouldn't be all of your life. Give him breathing space x

    • Thanks for the help!! I think he is Stress because we have been arguing recently !! And since i dont have friends i always focus on him and sometimes i am so annoying. I got bullied at school so i always need resurance!! Thank you so much!!

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