Is it worth it?

Sorry if this is long. I will start by saying I'm bad at the dating game at 21 going on 22, I'm awkward and shy so my friends convinced me to give online dating a go since it would be my comfort zone. I've done 'okay' but struggled to get past the first date even though I'm taking all the tips how to survive the first one but they were pretty bad so I haven't been that bothered.

I had a date with a guy I got along really well while chatting online, when the date came up he was really nice; picked me up, open my car door for me, paid for dinner, asked me genuine questions and opened up about himself so it wasn't one sided. A few awkward moments but what first date doesn't come with that. We actually got on pretty well and had similar interests.

Halfway through dinner he asked if I had any more plans for the night and He invited me to his place to watch a tv show since we discussed our favourites, so we get to his place and did so. But he made no moves which I thought maybe it was nerves. Stayed in the middle of the couch and only started to get a bit closer in the end til we realised it was late and we both work the next day.

Said we had a good time and enjoyed the show but no plans for a second date when he dropped me off home. I waited a few days to see if he would contact me, didn't, I contacted him. Had a short conversation, stopped.

Gave it another few days- friend told me to take initiative and ask him out this time so I did, messaged him asking if he would like to hang again at some stage. Few minutes later I get ' Hey, I've already got plans pretty much all this week but I'll let you know if something changes'. I know when I say it I do try to work around to hang out with them so I thought fair enough but someone told me that he means 'No' in a nice way. I guess I'm asking is it worth just not bothering?

I will note that I've had a date make moves and end with a kiss and never heard from him again so I don't think it's a big of a deal as people make it.


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  • 90% chance he was trying to reject you but used the most basic excuse "I'll see" if he wanted to see you he could make time to. then again small % people actually are really busy for multiple reason so i would swivel it a week. if it seems he's making no effort into making plans again move on.


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  • End it and move on. He's not interested. Guys who are interested make time for you, no matter how busy they are.

    • some people have responsabilities

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    • thats right

    • and girls like you are why there are cheats and misogynists

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  • I think you shouldn't just trust one person's opinion and jump to conclusions. That's how all those innocent people died in Salem. Maybe he is genuinely busy. There is no reason why you shouldn't trust him. Give it time and form your own thoughts on if he is being honest with you or not.

  • Well you said he works and that makes him busy, wait to hear from him in a week if not move on.

  • Move on.. No one is ever busy to make some time for loved ones..


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