How do you properly ask out a girl?

Give me example lines please. Girls feel free to tell us what you expect in a guy to say when he asks you out.


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  • If you already know the girl: ask her to a concert, coffee date, somewhere public and fun. Make sure they know it's a date, not a hang...

    For a new person - get to know them first, ask them and their friends along with you and your friends to hang out sometimes... Of course, be around her and make sure it's not just a friend thing, that you're interested in potentially something more. And then, gradually, ask her out on your own - when you both feel like you're ready and willing to do so.


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  • For me I don't even think of it like I'm asking her on a "date", as though my proposal is romantic. I'm just asking her to casually hang out some time, have some fun. I think of it as more friendly.

    It's just striking up a natural conversation with a girl. I usually try to go for a vibe that is fun and humorous, a bit playful.

    If she plays back and seems engaged and interested in me, I ask her to hang out some time. If she agrees, we exchange contacts. Sometimes I'll have a precise place/event in mind and bring it up and if she's interested, invite her to that precise time and place.

    With my style I generally have to step things up on the date and start heating things up so that things go beyond friendly.

    • >> Give me example lines please.

      I never really use lines. It's very straightforward like, "Hey, how's it going?" Then we talk a bit, let the conversation flow naturally, and at the end I might be like, "Hey, there's this (insert event) on Friday at (insert time/location). Wanna go?"

    • If it's like a night club I tend to do things all backwards. I might dance with a girl, kiss her, then find out her name and exchange contacts.

    • Thanks a billion!!!

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  • i would say hey i would love to see you again sometime soon. would you be interested in meeting up for dinner (whatever activity). and if she says yes say great how about (day)

  • I like straightforwardness. You like spending time with me? Say it.
    "I would like to get to know you better. I really like talking about stuff with you. How about a coffee next friday?" And please say a time, otherwise you'll be having problems finding a question to ask her when. Other things:

    "Since you know quite a lot about XY, I'm sure you'd enjoy going to XY. Would you mind joining me?"

    "I like spending time with you. How about coffee next wednesday?"

    The last phrase is just the best thing in my opinion. You tell her you like being around her and you go for coffee (coffee is key!!!).

    Honestly if he just shows me it's about him enjoying my company, Why not? As long as he doesn't say something stupid, it's totally fine. And if I don't know him and smile often at him there's a 100% chance I'm gonna say yes for coffee even if we don't know each other.


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