Is he interested?

Me and this guy that I like have been going back and forth via messages about having the last word. I went out and put some vids on snapchat of me and a male friend out. He watched them even though he recently stopped watching my snaps. I then sent the guy a voice note saying should we call a truce about having the last word and asked him another question. He's watched all of the snaps of me and the other guy who is just my friend and heard my voice note but not responded. When we were still going back and forth the last message I received was 👌🏻😝 I was going to send another message with the eyes emoji. Is he upset with me or am I blowing the whole thing out of proportion. I miss him and haven't seen him so long. He's able to switch off for long periods of time when he wants but is the nicest person ever and shares similar morals


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  • I don't even see what the truce is about. What exactly happened


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