Where is the friend zone barrier?

So my female friend (who've I've known for 2 and a half years) basically showed me her breasts (were both 14 btw) and it's confused me about where we stand. She didn't just take off her bra or anything she just got into a position that revealed a fair amount of her chest. She said to me that she didn't really mind and didn't want to make a big deal about it (which I understand it could be a bit embarrassing) . She isn't usually show offy so I'm a little confused. Also I like her and she knows about it (plus we did go out for a bit but only 2 months and I have a feeling she wants to get back but I'm not entirely sure.) And she does like tickling and sitting on top of me. So my question is: How far in or out are we in the friend zone and how can I get her to express herself feelings? And would you show or at least drop a hint to a guy friend with your breasts?


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  • Well your both 14 there is no barrier. Your both acting on impulse. Use that tell her that you would like to try dating again. She was turned on and wanted to be looked at sexually so she showed you her breasts. She did not think beyond that and your a safe person who is attracted to her.
    Unless she is regularly telling you that your just freinds there is no freindzone at your age. If your both turned on together alone. You two will have sex. That is just the teenage puberty life.


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