Girls, This guy I really like that I have been dating sent me his "manhood" via text... its REALLY bad... other opinions please?

(see profile pic for opinion)

I have been dating this guy two months now and we finally slept with each other and I was really shocked by the size of his manhood... it is freaken SMALL as hell... like a chapstick in length lol. He then sends me "manhood pics" in my texts including the one I have as my profile pic. PLEASE tell me your opinions on this guys package... is it just me? Thanks girls!


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  • It is very small yeah.. I'm surprised he even has the confidence to send dick pics lol

    • Yeah I know lol. At first when we slept together I thought maybe he was to drunk and wasn't fully ready but when these pics started to come in well... lol. Overall you would say its bad right?

    • Honestly I've seen smaller then that a couple times.. I wouldn't say it's THAT bad but it's not good

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