Will you guys help me help my friend (Only guys opinions) ?

I have a good friend, he's 41 and he used to hang out with us, till everyone got girlfriends or got married except him. I for one, am an happily 36 y/o married guy. Nowadays we have reunion dinners and get together to get a drink and talk, but he stopped showing up, seems he feels bad being the only one who's single.

From previous talks i had with him, it seems women hate him or at least hate how he looks, so i hope you guys can help me sorting out what's wrong with him. I really don't want women's opinions, because they aren't really helpful at all. Seems women tend have the bad habit to lie when it comes to looks, and what they really think is not what they say.

So i really want to help this friend, i have my own ideas but i would like to check on what you think is wrong with his looks, if and what plastic surgeries would help him ( if any is needed) and other general tips, like grooming, fashion whatever you think would be helpful.

He has a imgur page so i guess he doesn't mind me sharing

kornadict. imgur. com/all --> doesn't seem i can post a full link so please remove the spaces between imgur and copy paste to the url address bar and enter.

thanks in advance


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  • Based on the picture, I don't think it's his appearance that's a problem. Perhaps his attitude towards the whole dating hubbub, could be it. Usually, the dilemma such people face, is that they doesn't let themselves engage with like-minded women, and when they do, they try to rush it, instead of just taking it moment by moment.

    First of, are you sure he even wants a woman in his life at the moment? If yes, perhaps you (and friends) could try introducing someone to him (without being obvious, mind you, as that could backlash)?

  • seems like its not about his looks after all
    well get this, women doesn't hate a man for his looks (not generally) but they hate a man for his personality
    so if your friend is some how weak with women they won't respect him
    and it's not women's opinions that's wrong, some of them give good advice and others don't
    but what I find weird is why you or your other friends didn't arranged a date or a girl for this guy, why not?
    someone you know, or your wives knows.. anyone
    friends help each other you know..

    • we tried one but didn't work out well, they had nothing in common.

      what do you mean weak? i dont think he's a doormat to be stepped on or lets himself be treated that way.

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    • could be lack of social abilities. what do you recommend?

    • not much to recommend
      since he's mature enough, he doesn't need advice anymore
      it's a big deal of a problem to not be able to maintain a relationship with the other sex
      and frankly I don't think you can help your friend with this, he must help himself, he must realise that his lifestyle is not healthy and it's dangerous

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