How to tell if a guy likes you?

I started a new job and there's a guy who keeps talking to me in a friendly casual way but he goes out of his way to talk to me and ask me about stuff in my life he works on a different floor in a busy hospital we first met in the elevator and he compliments me all the time I love your tattoos and you have a very pretty name stuff like that. I am kind of shy but he seems to go out of his way to have a conversation with me even when we're both crazy busy. We were talking about boxing and he told me he can teach me some moves so I think he wants to hang out sometime. The problem is I'm a temp and will only be working there a few more days should I tell him that so he knows if he wants to still talk he's gotta make a move soon?


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  • I hate how guys always have to be the ones to go for it


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  • Why don't you get his number? And instead of waiting for him to make the move, if you like this guy then you can causally ask him out. But make sure to let him know you won't be working there forever.

    • The thing is I don't know if he's single or not sometimes people flirt bc it's harmless and don't mention if there available or not so if he's seeing someone I'm gonna feel stupid for asking for his number

    • Then casually ask him "hey are you seeing anyone?" if he says no then GO FOR IT but if he says yes then quickly change the topic and eat a tube of your favorite ice cream while watching re-runs of friends

    • I actually found him on Facebook but only because my brother works there too and I asked my brother what his last name is it says single but looks like he hasn't gone on in a long time his picture says 2014 so he may not go on Facebook anymore I was thinking I'd add him and see if he sends a message but I don't know if that seems creepy at least I know he is single now

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  • He doesn't have to be the one to make the move. You can ask him out just as easily.

  • does he looks at your Bazooka boobs?

    • I wear scrubs so he has no idea what my body looks like but I do have a great body it's just hidden under loose hospital scrubs lol I think I caught him looking at my butt once

    • oh man! i wish i was in his place hahaha

    • i am so into older women

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