Dating others?

I'm sorta dating this guy who I met online

but I'm 18 and he is 20

and he hasn't talked to me since last friday and he usually take weeks before he talks to me...and I'm just wondering if

he is dating someone else..girls would you be upset ?

and I'm thinking maybe because I'm not "mature" for him yet

because I'm a virgin and he keeps saying I'm really shy..but he asked me out for our 2 date and called me cute...


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  • Be careful around him because college guys juggle girls. Some do want the young virgins too. But, he could also just like you. Try asking him for his number so that you can text him. That is key. I would be upset with a guy if he were dating other girls when he was talking to me, but keep in mind, if he really, really liked you, then he wouldn't take so long to answer your messages. Try to figure out if he really wants to date you, or if you are just someone he wants to sleep with. As for maturity, that is not a matter of age. Maturity is a matter of confidence. If you are confident in yourself, then you are more mature than your age. You do need experience and a brain, but confidence is one side of the maturity triangle. Just try to be careful. Don't let him play you with his sweet words and compliments. I hope this helped. Good luck.