What would make or break your 1st date?

Hello, fellow GAG members.

What are some factors that would break or make a date for you? For example, you been chatting with your date back and forth for around 2-3 weeks, you found you date interesting, good looking and interesting. And when you met up in real life you either fell for the head over heels or thouse 2-3 weeks turned out to be a big lie, and in the end you did not find your date as interesting and good looking as you originally thought.

Where is this coming from? It's coming from what remains of my heart, I don't really understand why people even look for relationships at this age when in the end they bail out or start ghosting you. To be honest this is stupid, it's stupid that they claim how genuine and how they want a relationship but when a ticket presents they choose to rip it and let it blow with the wind.

I'm sorry but not everyone looks like a supermodel, and not everyone is filthy rich making $1 million a year, and knowing you neither of those people still choose to go on dates just to ignore you in the long run. Is this some sort of a new trend? Because I don't have any words to explain it other than some stupid and idiotic trend of going to dates and talking with someone yet in the end just to ghost them, like why? Why would anyone even freaking do this? Why waste someones time and get there hopes up when in the end you're just gonna drop them?

I personally had couple of dates when girl never showed up, when girl started to ghost me, where I got catfished and I also had one beyond shitty relationship where I got tossed aside like a rag. It's like people just want to destroy more or less genuine personality that I have left. I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad ass, I'm just a decent human being. Yet it seems like everyone is trying to pull the strings and turn over all decent people into hateful assholes.

What gives? And what's the point of this crap? What's the point of wasting someones time?


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  • You have some pretty unrealistic reasons. Maybe you're just an insecure paranoid dude. Maybe that's the reason.

    • I don't believe I stated any reasons. Actually I haven't stated a single reason. Not really sure about unrealistic, insecure and paranoid. Let's be frank here, if I pulled up on a Ferrari then most of the dates I had would end with the girl wanting to be in a relationship. I look at things from a logical standpoint. Actually your answer raises question of "Did she even read what I wrote?". The answer is clearly "No". As this entire post is how girls tend to claim one thing and once they meet you in real life for some oddity they begin to ghost you after.

      No please do put a picture of supermodel on OKC, put that you make $1 million a year doing let's say Stock trading and you will see how many girls will flock to you. Just shows that people are shallow and have unrealistic expectations.

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