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I was chatting on an online dating site with a guy and he mentioned a few messages in about how he likes to take his kids somewhere when he has them. I asked how often he has his kids and dude blocked me instantly (I have no problem with kids)
He was the one mentioning it and I didn't see anything wrong with the question and would be something I would say if I was in person. Was it weird to ask that?


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  • He could be really paranoid. A person that and overthinks situations. Maybe he watched a bunch of documentaries about catfishing and suspects everyone of lying on the internet. "This girl is going to find out when I have my kids and kidnap them." Seriously, some people believe everything on the news will happen to them.

    • Maybe. I mean he had pics of them and mentioned them in his profile (so obviously I was OK with him having kids). I just figured since he mentioned "when he had his kids" it's a good segue-way into asking how often that is.

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    • Have you considered dating a younger guy?

    • Of course, this guy was like 5 years younger than me. I prefer them young, but once you reach late 20's, 30's, and early 40's a large proportion of men have children.

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  • No you just asked him a question and like you said he's the one that mentioned it. Don't worry about it he's the one acting weird and making it awkward not you. Hope this helps any 😊

    • Shoo so far two guys that think so. I thought it was a perfectly logical question, but guess he didn't.

  • he's weird

    • Seems to be the prevailing opinion which makes me feel much better. I thought there was some online social etiquette I was unaware of that I broke.

  • Not at all. He seems weird for blocking you.

    • Fair enough. I kinda felt that way, but I thought maybe he thought it was weird to be asking how often he has his kids.
      I have nothing against them and have no issue dating a guy with kids, but I also think you need time to make sure the other person is going to stay around before the kids get involved.

    • Maybe he thought you didn't like kids. People are quick to assume I find.

    • Well I make sure that my profile mentions I want children, mine, theirs, ours, adopted, all of the kids are welcome.

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