I don't want to over do it asking her out too many times?

I'm pretty sure this girl likes me, we went out on one date and I've been texting her throughout this past week and we've been talking regularly then I asked her out again for lunch she couldn't because she was busy but said thanks for the thought, I can definitely understand a girl isn't going to drop everything for me, so I said to her I wanted to get to know her better and I'll see if she is free for a get together this coming week she said that sounds good but my question is if she can't go out again when i ask should I drop it and move on?


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  • Probably after this next time, honestly :/

    You could close by saying "Okay. Well I'm apparently more flexible than you. How about when you are free, just hit me up, and we'll go somewhere?"

    You can continue conversing as normal. It leaves the invitation open, but her responsibility to respond if she wants another date.

    • You don't appear clingy, but still appear interested. Wait a couple weeks. No response? Move on to a new girl.

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    • If you genuinely feel like it was a bad day, then maybe it was... she is your friend, so you would know better than I would.

      I really hope things work out between you two. Maybe asking when she isn't busy and THEN suggesting meeting that day might be easier for her? Either way, I wouldn't ask more than twice :/

    • Thanks again it was good hearing a woman's Perspective appreciate it

  • Yeah move on


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