Girls: if you were not interested in a guy after a date, would you still respond to his texts?

I went on a date Friday night. We really clicked while texting the week prior to the date, but when we met she was really quiet and kind of reserved. Since then, she flew to Arizona Saturday morning and I texted her Saturday morning saying I had a fun time and would like to take her on another date. She took 5 hours to respond to this, saying "Yeah, thanks for a great night!". I texted her again today asking how her trip was and all she said was "Great!". I can't figure out if she's just being quiet because she's on a trip or if she's not interested. If she's not interested, would she even be responding to my texts?


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  • Dude I had the same thing happen with a guy (we had chatted online for quite a while before the first date/meet) and after a wonderful first date he started texting me up twice as much. I couldn't get him to agree on a time for a second date, but he kept answering all my texts. Finally after the third time he "suddenly had something come up" when we were supposed to meet he posted on fb that he had been in a relationship longer than before we met.
    Moral of the story tread lightly.

    • So if I don't hear from her (as in her initiating a conversation over text) should I still bother trying?

    • Well he would initiate just not as much as me. Though he was a bit evil since I told him we weren't compatible and he asked me to give him a chance (while he had a girlfriend I didn't know about).

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