Why Did My Guy Friend, Come With Wedding Rings To My House?

I am 23, and he is 21. I live in a small town and he owns a landscaping company. About a year ago I hired him as my landscaper, and my dad likes him a lot. I don't see him much as he owns the company, and sends people mostly to my house.

He asked me out on a date, but then kept saying I am so nervous I never do this with clients. We talk on the phone, snapchat, Instagram, even texting / long calls. Always complimenting me on my achievements and calling me attractive and what not.

Friday he came to my house to drop off the "summer plan" to my dad. He brought some random guy with him, and I asked why he was there. He told me he brought his friend, who's a jeweler. Next thing I know the three of us are in my basement. The first box of jewelry his best friend brought out were all wedding rings.

... I still wonder how awkward, random, and quite bizarre this is. Yes I like him, yes it could of been a coincidence , but not really as going over a landscaping plan has NOTHING to do with jewelry and wedding rings.

by the way to update, we never went on a date.. when i said he asked me, he got worried about me being a client.


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  • he is gonna propose though i think you know he is. if your not ready you need to say so before he asks and you crush his heart with a no.

    • we've never been on a date tho. he's asked me , but we haven't thats why i find the rings bizarre.

    • he fell hard for you then its not uncommon for guys his age if he is a young guy.

    • I know I kind of noticed by the way he was looking at me and I didn't know what to do cause he clearly is WAY more into me than I am into him. In reality I don't really know him.

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  • He wants to marry you. Congrats. 😊 🎉 💑 💒 💍

    • We've never been on a date lol

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    • Lmao 😂

    • I wish I could add a pic to this question it would really confuse people

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  • He could just really like you, be very fast, and wanted you to see which one you'd like when he asked you

  • Sounds like he is into you for sure


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