Should I wait for her?

so I've been seeing this girl on and off for the past couple months. i like her but i haven't told her how i feel cause i wasn't sure if she was into me enough or not. so I've just been taking it slow with her feeling her out. but the other day i findally decided to ask her to be my girlfriend and she said she was seeing somebody else since she thought i wasn't interested in her (basically i waited too long to tell her how i feel) after i asked she said some stuff about "hopefully it isn't awkward now" and "maybe in the future if it doesn't work out with this guy" . i dont know if i like the idea of being her 'second choice' lol like if she broke up with him in the next couple weeks because she likes me more and wanted to be with me that would be fine, but if they end their relationship down the road and she comes back to me like 'want to go out now?" i feel like i would probably say no.. what would you do? (i do really like her btw)


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  • Personally this might not be something you want to hear but you should move on. You'll probably find a girl that's way better. Plus you should never settle for someone's second choice because if they make you their second choice now how are they going to treat you in a relationship. Saying if it doesn't work out with the other guy sounds to me like she's looking for a rebound. I mean if u like her that much go for it , it's ultimately your choice and what will make you happy but this is just what I think. There's so many other people to date.

    • hmm. yea ur prob right..

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