Why would a guy keep contacting me and sending me flirty texts then not respond?

There is this guy I used to work with, we had great sexual chemistry and we would always flirt and get quite touchy. I really grew very fond of him but then he quit. After he kept texting me that we should hang out but never set a date or responded to me when I asked him to go out. The strange thing is he keeps texting me all the time, about two to three days a week saying things like "I want to kiss you" and "we still need to make out", "When are you free", "when are we going to hang out". When I respond back to him (I have every time) He just doesn't answer back at all, and it is so annoying because I want to make plans with him but he never texts me back anything even though he is the one who texted me flirty messages first. One time he even called me on facetime but the hung up very quickly, which meant he was on my contact info and hot it on accident.

It would really be nice to get some advice on what he is thinking or why someone would do this. Is this some kind of ego boost or mind game? Is he trying to poke fun at me and and tease me? I am just really interested in WHY someone would do this and go through all this trouble to keep contacting me with absolutely no intentions at all.


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  • That guy is playing games with you.


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