Alpha/ player type apologized in front of his buddies?

long story short, he is an alpha type guy, after we slept together the first time things were good, and i explained i did not want to be a booty call. He didn't know i knew his best friends, and that we were all really cool, he and i were both recently out of LTR and adopted a lets have fun go w flow mentality. Both of us have said we can't give the other 100% rt now into a committed relationship. Kinda kept things low key. One night were out and his friends come w him he grabs me and kisses me in front of them 3 times that night. Then i message him like i always have, and suddenly he's very distant. I stop hearing from him as much, unless its after hours, and when i see him he's kinda a jerk. Like he flipped a switch. I gave him the benifit of the doubt, and seen him another time. That time he was a total jerk. And even told me it was a straight friends with benefits deal. We cuddled on the couch and i woke w his arm around me and him telling me "this shii* doesn't happen usually" i told him i would have to change how i treated him, when he couldnt tell me if i was there bc he wanted to see me or out of convenience, and i told him we had a problem. So i completely stopped message w him. Over the next 2 weeks I've had more from him than I've had in months. And while i still respond nicely to him, im definitely not investing in him the time like i was at all. So this weekend i set one of our friends up w one of my friends, and was at our buddies house. When he found out i was there he rushed over within 5 mins or so. and even though he's the alpha of the guys, he apologized to me rt in front of everyone. And even said that wasn't him and he was wrong for it. I told him i forgave him. I didn't see til i was home that after i left he invited me over. And i pretty much responded by saying i thought we needed a general do over of things. Just a new start. He has in the oast told me he had feelings then took it back, that i scared him. So did he catch feelings? Is apologize in front of friends significant


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