Did he ask me on a date, or to hangout as friends?

There's this guy (25) who randomly introduced himself to me while I was reading at a coffee shop. That night, he found my social medias and added me. Few weeks later, saw me again at that coffee shop, and then invited me to go with him to a movie (in which he said he was already going to go see). He flirted a bit, and asked lots of questions, and then got my number by the end of it. (I payed for my ticket. I stepped up confidently in line to get it right away, but he didn't stop me). Texted me that night and every day since. He even visited me at work the next day, although he claimed he was already at the mall and just wanted to stop in to say hi. (I work at a boutique).

fast forward to yesterday I told him over text (cause he's out of town for now), that I'd gotten catfished before. When he asked what happened I said it requires a drink to tell. He said: I'm down. I said: just let me know when lol and he said: same.

annoyed he wasn't making use of the open door I laid out for him, I didn't respond me. Then he texted me a picture of the bar he was at, and told me there's a place down the street from where we met he wants to try and then asked if "if care to join?"... I said yes and for him to pick a day. He picked the day and then I said I am free after 6.

is this a date?


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  • Most probably a date as his intentions seem to be on the relationship side of things and not friendship.


What Girls Said 1

  • It could really go either way rn. You just have to feel it out.


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